Time Passages (2012 – ongoing)

‘Time Passages’ is a continuing series of long-exposure photos split into several categories, ‘Mountains’, ‘Cities’, ‘Hulls’, ‘Trains’, and others, taken from the decks of passenger ferries in motion as they pass along their routes; and is, in essence, painting with the camera.

The ‘Mountains’ series is compiled from a year and a half of travelling aboard the various BC Ferries. The ‘Cities’ series includes images from Istanbul, New York, Toronto and Vancouver.

‘Time Passages’ uses the technique of long-exposure photography in a way that allows an element of chance into the process. The movement of the boats I travel on, their course changes, the weather conditions and ocean swells are all beyond my control as a photographer and all affect the final image. Repeated journeys yield varying and dramatic results.

‘Time Passages’ was shot both in 4×5 slide film, and in digital format. The film and the digital media offer different results; the digital is more ‘painterly’, while the film is more sublime. Both mediums capture the passing of time and the questioning of memory and lie somewhere between a short film and a multiple exposure, capturing superimposed vistas in the ‘Mountains’ series, creating new architecture through abstraction in the ‘Cities’ series, and expressing the sensation of movement in the ‘Trains’ series.